Unleashing Generation Agile

John Miller
May 15, 2020
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Unleashing Generation Agile

We are in crisis. And we are not saving it. From dehumanizing workplaces to a planet that is becoming more and more uninhabitable each year.

As Agilists, we know how hard it is for organizations and people to change. Our job up to now has been mainly in guiding nonnative Agilists to becoming more Agile. In other words…focusing on growing Agile Immigrants. This is an uphill battle, as we have been indoctrinated from childhood in an education system that disincentivizes agility in our students and teachers.

What if we started at the root?

Started in our schools, cultivating an environment where kids can learn and live with agility.

What if we started at the roots of the problem, changing the paradigm and operations of school itself? 

What if we cultivate agility in our youth from kindergarten to university?

What if instead of focusing on Agile Immigrants, we grew Agile Natives?

Come hear the stories of Agile in Education, where educators are using Agile-inspired methods to for self-directed and collaborative learners.  Stories of Agile changing education for the better for kids and teachers all around the globe.

Come imagine together what monumental shifts might happen when a tidal wave of Generation Agile is unleashed onto our companies and our world?

Our world is in crisis. And we need a Generation Agile to help save it.