Remote Teams, Virtual Meetings and Higher Performance: CLEAN MEETINGS

Daniel Mezick
May 15, 2020
2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Remote Teams, Virtual Meetings and Higher Performance: CLEAN MEETINGS

Remote labor is the new reality. Successful agility at scale means successfully dealing with remote teams, and remote, distributed talent. It means having a very clear plan and a very clear set of tactics for dealing with this new reality. 

Your meetings throttle overall performance, overall results and overall culture. Your online meetings therefore represent a critical success factor and a huge opportunity to improve. 

In this session you’ll hear surprisingly actionable advice from someone who has successfully scaled remote teams over the past two years. The online video platform is both a subset and a superset of the traditional office. Learn how to leverage this medium to bring higher performance and great results. 

This session is action-packed, with demonstrations of actual online communication tools and techniques, using Zoom video. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop!

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Sidestep some of the more common problems when using remote video
  • Take advantage and leverage the very real strengths of this medium
  • Experiment with and then establish a set of norms and protocols that support genuine excellence across all of your remote teams

You exit this session with a real experience, and a summary PDF-checklist of things to do and things to STOP DOING as you scale excellent outcomes across all of your remote teams.