Leading People in Change and Complexity

May 15, 2020
10:20 am - 11:50 am

Leading People in Change and Complexity

Change is tough. Growing complexity has made change a near constant pressure. Effective leadership asks and requires we expand how we respond to change. Leading People in Change and Complexity examines effective leadership in the face of growing volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.  Participants will gain ideas to explore and hands-on activities to do so.

There is no shortage of literature and information about leadership, change, or complexity. However,simply acquiring ideas is not enough. We must also become aware of the filters we use to make sense of the world. Finally, we must begin to critically examine these lenses of perception to discern their accuracies and distortions.

Drawing on a wide range of ideas, Leading People in Change and Complexity is anchored around the simple idea of Getting to And. Getting to And moves away from ideas of black and white, and instead moves into the grey areas between. And is a stance of responsiveness, or moving with rather than against. And is how musicians play together; how gaps of understanding are bridged; how conflicts are resolved. And seeks to elevate and celebrate our best intentions as we work together in the messy realities of collaboration.

In this session, together, we’ll use a blend of presentation, hands-on activities, and conversation to explore what some news ideas of leadership might be, how they matter to you, and what you might do differently as a result.

If you are a leader curious about increasing your effectiveness leading people through change and in high degrees of complexity, this workshop is for you!