How I accidentally joined an agile company

Jens Wedin
Apr 26, 2019
10:20 am - 11:05 am

How I accidentally joined an agile company


“Handelsbanken is a classic brick and mortar bank with over 700 branch offices in Europe and was founded in 1871. When Jens joined the company in 2016 he didnít know that this was an company that have lived agile values from the seventies. Except one part of the organization, the IT organization with over 1600 people.

So in this talk, Jens will describe his personal experience to get the IT organization to become more responsive, customer centric and agile and how this journey affected not only IT but also HR, finance, product and leadership. The talk will describe the challenges Jens encountered and how he designed the change.”

Learning Objectives

Handelsbanken is very unique company with over 16.000 employees around the globe. The culture and values at Handelsbanken has been described in a secret booklet which was written by the CEO, Jan Wallander in the seventies. The booklet has only changed in small portions during the years even though Jan has passed away. There is something mysterious about the bank. Handelsbanken believes in a decentralized way of working, no budgetting, no marketing, no strategy and where every branch office has a strong power. Handelsbanken has had the best customer satisfaction for over 30 years, strong financial records even in tough times and one of the worlds most stable banks.

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