Agile in Hardware & Hard Goods: practices, approaches and mindsets that matter

Todd Wilson
Apr 26, 2019
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Agile in Hardware & Hard Goods: practices, approaches and mindsets that matter


“This is a hands-on workshop: participation require!

Are you finding it difficult to shift the collective mindset within your organization? Do you feel like youíre pushing on a rope? Do you find it difficult to articulate the phenomena of mindset and how it impacts your agile implementation?

You may not be a rocket scientist, but you will build a rocket and a launch platform in this one of a kind workshop. You and your team of rocketeers will prototype an aerial solution for competitive analysis. In the process you discover how the Agile Research & Development mindset can accelerate any agile implementation. Learn key patterns for developing hard goods in industries like automobile electrification, home improvement, medical equipment, personal safety, aerospace, traffic safety and more. Uncover patterns that accelerate idea-to-cash value stream as deployed in one of the worldís most trusted companies, 3Mô (

Objective: Experience the distinction between an R&D and a Manufacturing mindset. Learn key practices that bridge these mindsets and accelerate product commercialization. Discover how you can apply this in your environment in your environment.

Learning Objectives

This workshop requires significant setup and materials. It is best done with teams of 4-5. Teams will build pneumatic rocket launchers using known stable interfaces (KSI) and rockets with an unknown design. If there is time and space, the rockets can be launched (preferably outdoors). If there is no outdoor space an indoor launch is possible but requires more setup. I am prepared teach 10-12 teams. Note: The learning is in the building of the rocket and platform not in launching the rockets. This workshop scales from 45 minutes exercise, a one day Agile Fundamentals class and a three day team launch.

When/Where Presented Before

I have delivered this workshop 5 times this year and twice in 2016. I will send you video clips, but I cannot upload it to a public site without permission from 3M. I will work with my legal department and find out the best way to share the video outside of 3M.