Agile Expectations: Creating Organizational Alignment

Dave Moran
Apr 26, 2019
1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Agile Expectations: Creating Organizational Alignment


“If your organization is considering ñ or in the process of ñ transforming to agile, how would you complete this sentence? ìWe will know we are agile whenÖî

Version One ís Annual State of Agile Surveys regularly cite that challenges and barriers to further agile adoptions are a) organizational resistance to change and, b) the company culture being at odds with agile values. This tells us that despite early success stories, organizations frequently struggle to apply agility across the organization in ways that will stick.

A key issue is that once organizations start walking down the agile path, conflicting expectations emerge. This generates counterproductive, organizational friction. In this talk, Dave Moran will help you to identify key sources of organizational friction as well as understanding where to establish a new set of Agile Expectations for how your organization operates in order to fully transform into a highly productive, agile organization”